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Preparing for Your Web Site

In preparing for your web site, there are some important questions to ask yourself. Spending a little time formulating your preferences will help speed up the process of designing your site & help ensure the final design of your site becomes all you hope for. The information below is designed to help you with this process. You can also click on the images down the left side of this page to view web element samples.

Questions to Consider

  • Are you familiar with the Internet? For general web site information, history, & a glossary, see my page entitled "The Web Page."

  • Do you know what you like & dislike in a web site? It's a good idea to surf the web to find examples of sites you're attracted to. Write down the URL addresses & exactly what is appealing to you. Then, note down some sites you don't care for & particularly what you dislike about them. These preferences will help us come up with the best design plan for you.

  • What will the main message, purpose, & mission of your site be? What do you hope to accomplish with this site? When you decide on your web goals, write them down in order of importance.

  • What kind of target audience do you intend to attract? Are you marketing to a certain age range, geographic location, economic bracket, etc.? Consider your ideal viewers so you can tailor your web site environment to grab their attention.

  • How many pages do you intend to include in your site? How much content will each page contain?

  • What will your site be titled & what subheadings do want the site organized with? Do you have an outline, draft, or storyboard prepared of the material you want posted, or do you need the site structure developed?

  • Do you have a motto or company strategy to incorporate into your site? Have you thought about what hot links you will want within your site & what outside web links you may want your site to reference, if any?

  • Will you have a need for any imagemaps, tables, forms, or frames in your site, & if so how many & of what sizes?

  • What materials do you have to use in your site & what do you still need to collect? Is your text information prepared? What format are your materials in?

  • Will you include graphics &/or photos? Do you need scanning? Do you have a logo? Do you need custom graphics, touch-up, photo correction, enhancement, or special edges?

  • Will you require any animated GIFs, sounds, or video clippings, & if so, do you have them already?

  • Is there a specific color scheme you want to use in your web site project? Do you need a particular business font or typeface?

  • Will you want your own domain address? Do you want assistance in obtaining & registering a domain address? Do you have an e-mail address to post at your site for electronically transmitted feedback?

  • Have you obtained a host where your site will reside? Do you know the URL address to access your site, & the FTP address to post your site to. Do you need help to find a host?

  • Who will register, advertise, & promote your site with the best search engines for your site's topic? Who will maintain your site after it's finished? Do you anticipate changes & updates in the future? If you'll have forms on your site, will it need to be on a secure server?

  • Who has the final say on your web site design & content? Are you working in a committee, team, or as an individual? Who is responsible for providing the information, materials, resources, & maintaining contact throughout the design process? How will the data & materials be exchanged (mail, e-mail, personally, etc.)?

  • Are you interested in selecting from pre-established web site packages or do you want a custom design?

  • What is your desired time frame & deadline for completion?

When You're Ready

When you've considered the above suggestions, you'll have a good idea what you want your web site to contain & look like. Check out the examples of backgrounds, buttons, graphic text, etc. from the links at the left side of this page. Then use the form provided to contact me for more custom information at no obligation.

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