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Free Consultation

For more information with no obligation, please complete this consultation request form and click the "send request" button below to submit. Or, you can email me any time. I will contact you at your convenience. Project fees are negotiated individually. All consultations are free by e-mail, phone, or fax.

Please see below for a list of services offered and check those you may be interested in consulting about. Thank you for your interest!

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Fine Art

Original Painting
Replica of Masters
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Graphic Art

Commercial Graphics
Advertising Art
Desktop Publishing
Specific needs:

Web Site Design

Layout & design of site
Economy Package (pre-existing elements & layout)
HTML coding
Custom original artwork, logos, graphics, & design
Scanning, correction, enhancement of photos
Animation, sounds, imagemaps, forms, frames, tables
Obtaining domain name
Web hosting
Secure server
Uploading site to permanent server
Site promotion
Site maintenance
Additional services:

 Provide the following to assist in your web design process:

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Materials already prepared for site:
Platform you use: (MAC,PC,Windows,vers.#)
Browser you use: (Netscape,MSIE,vers.#)
Person who will provide site materials:
Person who will approve final site:
Prefered method of material exchange:
Desired completion time frame:

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