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Sentinel Correspondent


R ose" of Rose Illustration, began her
career as a struggling artist when her
award-winning illustration of a row of rural mail boxes was chosen for the cover of the San Lorenzo Valley Scotts Valley Business Directory.

She chose her business name "Rose Illustration" because she likens herself to a "budding" artist while she works, through her art, to support her children as a single mom.

Rose works from photos and creates portraits that look real enough to touch. She is commissioned to do graphics, advertising illustration, and real estate drawings. With each new project, she refines her technique, designs her own style and creates artwork that is warm and inviting. Her work is becoming so well known that word-of-mouth is bringing more business to her everyday.

The artist says she's been drawing since she was a toddler. She received many scholarships while growing up, which enabled her to study art at colleges in

San Fernando Valley and Hollywood. She continued her studies at UCSC emphasizing in fine art.

The young artist says she is constantly striving to achieve a balance between her business and family. She believes she is able to do both by what she calls "an organized method." She says raising her boys on her own is both rewarding and challenging.

Rose schedules her bookkeeping, client contacts, supply purchasing, and illustration while her oldest boys are in school or daycare. The rest of the time she devotes to being a mother and running her home. Her children seem to be following in her footsteps, as they're already picking up pencils and drawing pictures for their mother.

"I really put my whole self into my work," she said, "and it gives me the greatest rewarding feeling of accomplishment after each project I finish. Things are going great for me!"

Her work may be viewed in her studio. Contact Rose Illustration anytime for a no obligation consultation appointment.

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