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Virtual Physician LTS Virtual Physician Character
Description: A wizard that dialogues with the patient in order to obtain a detailed and accurate medical history buried in the conventionally ambiguous, roundabout way patients present critical historical health data.

The wizard will be designed to rephrase questions which did not elicit medically meaningful responses. It will also be able to pursue specific responses given by patients to gather additional medical information if what the patient describes is categorized as medically meaningful (e.g. chest pain). Purposes include; 1.) to triage patients by alerting the physician to the most urgent cases first; 2.) to elicit vital medical history data which is often difficult to accomplish when the anxious patient must face the doctor, but finds himself/herself too fearful to talk freely about his/her symptoms.

Automated Operator and Trouble-Shooter LTS Operator/Toubleshooter Character

Description: A wizard that dialogues with consumers rather than have them stay on hold waiting interminably for a human operator.

In the consumer's dialogue specific linguistic features will be identified in order to determine how to process the call. This product has two basic functions; 1.) to detect stress and urgency in the caller for the purpose of triaging the call; 2.) to differentiate between serious buyers and window shoppers in order to prioritize which calls to return.

Automated Secretary LTS Automated Secretary Character
Description: A wizard for letter writing that perfects content, both entered by key pad as well as through dictation.

The way this product functions is to impose a taxonomic classification of the interactional work the user is attempting to achieve in the letter (e.g. an apology, a request, a reproach, an admonition, a sales pitch, et al., or a combination of these actions) and then to suggest alternate phraseology, if needed, so that that interactional work can be more effectively achieved.

Virtual Lie Detector LTS Virtual Lie Detector Character
Description: A wizard for detecting hyperbole, deceit, lies and misleading statements.

As a baseline, a linguistic print is established for the user which earmarks his specific patterns of speaking. His current statements are then compared to his baseline to determine aberration.

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